This is a deeply frivolous post, in ode to one of my favourite possessions. Last year for Christmas, my brother gave me a beautiful cast iron teapot, painted bright gold. (I told him which one I wanted, but it doesn’t diminish the generosity of the gift.)


It’s truly beautiful.

And small enough that I can use it just for me – when winding down or just taking a moment out. I have a lovely teapot, and I also have really nice tea.


This is Samurai Chai Mate, which is the sweetest & spiciest chai tea I’ve ever come across.  The tea (and teapot) is from Teavana, specifically from the Charleston store near my mum’s house. I have a few flavours, and it’s just such good tea. The kind of tea that almost feels like you’re eating something, it’s that satisfying.


And it’s quite pretty. Like having lots of little herbs and magic potions around. Just so much more interesting than teabags.


IMG_7289 2

(I have an armchair by my bedroom window, and the sill is a handy place for resting cups of tea. I didn’t pose this here for the beauty shot.)


Autumnal perfection.

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