A couple weekends ago I went to the wedding of my friend Serena. She’s Sikh, and it was my first experience of an asian wedding.

It was so much fun. I had the best time dancing, eating delicious food, and gazing in adoration at the married couple – Serena looked twelve kinds of beautiful, and they both just radiated happiness. It was a lovely, wonderful day – and I wish Serena & Kaz all the luck in the world.

I took many photos of the bride and groom, but all of them were awful – so I won’t post them here. There were a lot of people running around with professional cameras, so I’ll let them showcase the happy couple’s wedded beauty. She was wearing this beautiful flowing red dress, with gold all over – and a red veil over her hair. They did a very stylised first dance, with him lifting her up at one point – and the effect with the flowing silks was just stunning. I could have spent the entire wedding watching her move, it was all so lovely in motion. So many congratulations to them both.

I took the opportunity to wear a shawl that I’d got in India earlier in the year – it was the kind of purchase where I knew it was deeply impractical, that I’d barely ever wear it and that I was almost certainly getting ripped off – but I got it anyway. It was so lovely, I couldn’t not buy it.

It’s made of silk, graduating in colour from pearly white to deep blue, studded with gold disks that reflect the light, and a thick border of gold. I draped it over a black dress, and it’s probably the most beautiful thing I have ever worn in my life.



India – they just really know how to make clothing.


It was a cool clear day, and the wedding venue was at a large Manor House in rural Staffordshire. It was a beautiful venue, and it suited the wedding perfectly.




There were just so many people. Crazy amounts of people. I don’t think I know that many people – let alone like enough of them to invite to a wedding. It was such a party atmosphere; and I had so much fun people watching. The clothes alone; I could have spent all day looking around me in awe.



I loved this – table decorations of trees with golden barks and lilies trailing crystals. So lovely.


Best of luck to Kaz and Serena!


I had such a wonderful time.


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