Pumpkin Hummus

I have a pumpkin! I’ve never had one before, so it’s very exciting for me. I’m a big fan of autumn, and this just encapsulates the whole blissfull leaves-changing, scarf-wearing, hot chocolate-drinking, wooly tights-getting, golden mornings heaven of a season. The fact that my birthday and the run-up to Christmas is in autumn – just gilds the lily.


I’m weak and hate peeling hard squash (no matter how carefully I try, I always seem to nick my fingers as well), so I settled for the easiest method of cooking pumpkin, and roasted it in two halves.


Roasting the pumpkin was seriously easy, as was removing the now deeply pliable skin. It practically dripped off, leaving the delicious pumpkin flesh, which I blended in my super swanky food processor to make pumpkin puree.

It really is just the best colour. It feels like warmth.


The pumpkin produced a lot of puree, and I used most of it to make a sumptuous pumpkin hummus. I didn’t measure a single thing, just went by taste and texture. The staples are chickpeas, pumpkin and olive oil, and I added more than a little lemon and some cumin to give it some heat.

I consider hummus one of my major food groups, and I’m quite creative in finding ways to eat it. Hummus toast is a breakfast staple, as is crudite and crisp dip (never dipped crisps into hummus? Try – it’s gamechanging). I put it into fajitas, and dip pieces of apple into it. I’m a big fan. And this batch – it’s bloody good hummus.


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